10 Highest Paying Credit Card Affiliate Programs

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Joining a credit card affiliate program is easy. Joining one that offers good services and reliable affiliate support requires a bit more work. So if you’re thinking about becoming a credit card affiliate then the following list will help you find the best ones in the industry.

10 Best Credit Card Affiliate Programs Sites

1. Credit.com Affiliate

Number 1 on our list is Credit.com. This particular platform is not only the largest credit card affiliate program on the internet, it was also founded by credit experts and consumer advocates, which is why it gets the top spot on our list.

Credit.com offers several important benefits to its affiliates and clients. It offers affiliates tools, educational content as well as reviewable comparisons of different financial services.

However, what makes this particular program quite special is that it strives to be the best source for information on all credit card related topics, including personal finance, credit scores and credit reports. So if you want an affiliate program with a good reputation and track record then Credit.com is the ideal choice for you.

Key Information

  • They offer plenty of useful information.
  • They have a solid reputation and are affiliated with several major financial institutions.
  • Credit.com’s page on its affiliate program content requires further work and optimization.

Top Features I Like

  • Offers News Reports On Credit Scores and Credit Reports
  • Offers Useful Affiliate Tools
  • Created By Consumer Advocates and Industry Experts


Credit.com’s affiliate program offers high conversion rates and payouts, and they take special care of their affiliates. However, Credit.com is used to working with the best and you will need to prove yourself if you want to meet their standards.

2. Bankrate Credit Card Network Program

Number 2 on our list is the Bankrate Credit Card Network, and it is arguably one of the best programs out there. Their site offers a simple flowchart of how their system works and what it has to offer as well as other useful information on how to become one of their credit card marketing affiliates.

Additionally, their entire affiliate program is managed in-house, and they also offer several interesting features and services, most of which are listed below:

Key Information

  • They work with some of the best credit card issuers in the industry.
  • Their affiliate program is streamlined to be efficient and easy to understand.
  • Their ‘award-winning editorial content’ may not be as useful as advertised.

Top Features I Like

  • Offers Editorial Content
  • Offers User-Friendly Tools
  • Co-Brand Solutions
  • Provides Up-to-Date Data Feeds.


Whether you’re an experienced affiliate marketer or a beginner, the Bankrate Credit Card Network is a great option for you to try. They are affiliates with some of the best credit card companies out there, and they offer a lot of great tools and services to help their affiliates.

In fact, the Bankrate Credit Card Network’s key partners include Chase, Citi, Discover, American Express and various others. In short, they offer one of the best affiliate programs in the whole industry.

3. The FlexOffers Affiliate Network

At number 3 is the FlexOffers Affiliate Network. This particular credit card network offers, not one, but multiple credit card affiliate programs. So if you like having a lot of options then this one’s for you.

A quick look at FlexOffers’ ‘Affiliate Program Categories’ will reveal the credit card category, which in turn reveals multiple credit card affiliate programs that you can try. Navigating FlexOffers’ site can be a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it, you’ll have access to a lot of information, most of which can help you optimize your own affiliate campaign.

Key Information

  • They offer a wide variety of programs for potential affiliates to choose from.
  • They offer excellent support services.
  • The amount of information and content present on the site may intimidate potential affiliates, particularly those who are only interested in smaller programs.

Top Features I Like

  • Offers Detailed Reports
  • Offers A Wide Variety of Digital Products and Affiliates Categories
  • Offers Excellent Online Support and Services


The FlexOffers Network’s large number of options is what makes it such a good platform for interested credit card affiliates. If you are new to affiliate programs and you want to look at as many options as possible then this is the platform for you.

The FlexOffers Network offers plenty of credit card affiliate programs for you to try, and you should try as many of them as you can. Even if you don’t like some of the affiliate programs being offered, they can help expand your knowledge about the affiliates credit card industry.

4. The Credit Assistance Network

The Credit Assistance Network takes fourth place on our list. Not only are they a reliable platform, they also happen to specialize in credit repair services. So not only do they promote credit cards and other financial services, they also offer debt servicing solutions, many of which can help their affiliates generate more leads.

Key Information

  • They offer multiple financial services alongside their credit card affiliate program.
  • They offer an impressive set of incentives that help affiliates generate more leads.
  • They have very high standards, and you may not be able to meet all of them.

Top Features I Like

  • Offers Assistance for Late Payments and Bankruptcy
  • Helps People Build Up Their Credit Scores
  • Offers Debt Management Services


The Credit Assistance Network is the kind of affiliate program that aims to provide a wide variety of services. They usually partner with affiliates who have sites dedicated to financial assistance and debt recovery, but they may give you a chance if you do good work.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that the Credit Assistance Network doesn’t just pay affiliates. They also provide them special offers, coupons and tools to make their jobs easier. So they’re definitely worth your attention.

5. Experian

Experian specializes in protecting private information and monitoring credit scores. They also have a good credit card affiliate program but their main focus will always be financial and identity security.

Given their particular niche, Experian attracts people who are concerned about credit scores, credit monitoring and protection from identity theft. In fact, Experian is estimated to have produced around 20 million credit reports for various clients, and their affiliate program also has a lot of potential.

If you’re interested in their affiliates program, you will need to sign up through Commission Junction. Look for their advertiser section and then create your account. You will then be provided all the marketing tools you need to get started immediately.

Key Information

  • Experian is a well-known brand.
  • They offer plenty of marketing tools.
  • Experian’s affiliates program is not as robust or as popular as its credit monitoring and data protection services.

Top Network Features I Like

  • Specializes in Credit Monitoring and Credit Reports
  • Offers Financial and Identity Security
  • Offers A Robust Credit Card Affiliate Program


Experian’s affiliates program has a lot of positive qualities. First off, Experian is a well-known brand with a solid reputation when it comes to credit scores and credit monitoring. Secondly, they offer competitive commissions. And finally, their network is among the most respected in the industry. So if you’re looking for a reputable affiliate program then you can’t go wrong with Experian.

6. CreditRepair

As you might guess from the name, CreditRepair is all about credit repair services. They specialize in assisting people overcome their financial troubles and achieve their financial goals. Their credit card affiliate program works as a support service for their main work, and it has served their clients well for the past 10 years.

If you choose to join this particular affiliate program, you will need to need to go to Commission Junction and look for their program on the lists. Once you have set up your affiliates account, you will be provided with several tools and resources to get started.

Key Information

  • The CreditRepair affiliates network attracts a lot of people.
  • Affiliates are provided plenty of support
  • CreditRepair’s affiliate program is not as competitive as other credit card affiliate programs.

Top Features I Like

  • Specializes in Credit Repair Services
  • Affiliate Program Compliments Main Credit Repair Services
  • Offers Free Tools and Resources to Affiliates


CreditRepair’s reputation as one of the leading credit repair service provider in the industry helps to enhance the popularity of its credit card affiliate program. So even though they may not be the most popular credit card affiliate program in the industry, they still get a lot of attention. Check CreditRepair’s terms and conditions to learn more about their affiliate program.

7. TransUnion

TransUnion is another credit network that offers services on credit score management and credit monitoring. It was originally established as a credit reporting agency but over the years, it has expanded its list of services.

Today, member of TransUnion can expect unlimited access to their credit scores, credit alerts and more. Like many credit organizations, they were set up to help people understand and manage their personal information, and they have succeeded in that respect.

If you’re planning to join TransUnion’s credit card affiliate program, you can find it at Commission Junction. People who join the program get access to all kinds of tracking tools and services, and although, it’s not the best program in the industry, they certainly offer rewarding and reliable services.  

Key Information

  • It’s easy to join and use.
  • It offers plenty of marketing tools.
  • It’s not as impressive as other high ranking credit card affiliate programs.

Top Features I Like

  • Offers Access to Credit Alerts and Various Reports
  • Their Credit Card Affiliate Program Offers Access to A Wide Variety of Marketing Tools
  • Their Affiliate Program is Simple and Easy to Join.


TransUnion is a fairly well-known reporting agency that offers a decent affiliate program with competitive commissions. The program comes with several support tools, and there’s even a trial period that you can try if you are not sure about joining the affiliate program.

TransUnion’s system may not be the best in the whole industry but it’s a decent choice if you prefer a program that’s easy and reliable.

8. Credit Karma

Credit Karma’s reputation grew around its free access to credit score information, and the best part is that it doesn’t charge any fees or have credit card requirements. All you need to do is go to their site, post a request and they will provide the information you need.  

Additionally, they also offer free information that helps their clients and affiliates better control their financial situation. Credit monitoring and customized information are also available for certain clients.

If you are interested in joining Credit Karma’s affiliate program, you can do so by visiting Commission Junction and searching for the page that features it. One word of caution, though. Credit Karma has high standards, so expect a few tests before you are allowed to join the program.

If you do make it into their group, you will be given access to their newsletter as well as their special affiliate management team. Here’s what they have to offer.

Key Information

  • They offer great affiliate support
  • They offer good incentives for potential clients
  • They are not as well-known as other institutions that also offer credit card affiliate programs.

Top Features I Like

  • Credit Karma Offers Free Credit Score Monitoring Services (A Great Incentives for Users).
  • Offers Customized/Personalized Credit Information.
  • Affiliate Program Includes Access to A Special Affiliate Management Team for Support


Credit Karma has a good credit card affiliate program. It’s not the best in the industry, but their program is enhanced by their management team as well as their credit score monitoring services.

Also, their credit score services act as a great incentive for potential customers. So if you’re looking for a credit card affiliate program that offers a good combination of incentives and support services then Credit Karma may be right for you.

9. BankAffiliates.com

BankAffiliates.com is a platform that offers ‘performance marketing’ for all kinds of financial services. Their credit card affiliate programs include a wide variety of financial institutions, including Discover, Options House, Personal Capital, Lendio and more.

To join one of their affiliate programs, all you need to do is to click on their logo and click the ‘Apply’ button. You will then be provided with a wide variety of information on each of these affiliate programs and what they have to offer, along with a link to their main site. Here are other important facts about BankAffiliates.

Key Information

  • Bank affiliates offer a large number of options for potential affiliates to try.
  • They provide extensive information on all their affiliate programs
  • Lacks further services, like special reports or a support team

Top Features I Like

  • Works With A Wide Variety of Financial Groups and Institutions
  • Offers Comparative Data On Various Affiliate Programs
  • Offers An Easy-to-Use Interface


Bank Affiliates is a good platform if you’re looking for a new affiliate program. Their site is simple and low-key but they also offer plenty of information on their partner programs. It’s not the best option out there but it is a good choice if you’re browsing around for something new.

10. Capital Bank

Capital Bank’s credit card is called OpenSky. Credit checks are not required to join, and clients get to choose their credit limit. They also get the chance to improve their credit scores by making a one-time deposit.

If you want to become a Capital Bank affiliate, you can sign up directly through their site. Affiliate membership offers several marketing tools, like banners and text links. They also offer reports and special incentives to help affiliates attract more potential clients.

Key Information

  • Capital Bank’s affiliate program is fast, simple and efficient.
  • They offer a lot of incentives, like car rental insurance and zero liability in case of fraud.
  • Their affiliate program doesn’t have a sophisticated support system.

Top Features I Like

  • Credit Score Support Solutions
  • Offers Plenty of Information
  • Improved Credit Card Security


What makes Capital Bank stand out from other credit card affiliate programs is that it offers a lot of excellent incentives. The credit cards being offered may not be particularly special but they are certainly useful in attracting potential clients. So if you’d like to join an affiliate program that has a decent reward/incentive system then Capital Bank is one of the best ones out there.

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