Best High Ticket Affiliate Programs in 2019

Affiliate Marketing is big business when done right! And it can generate you thousands upon thousands of dollars once setup. 

Sadly, many companies don’t give affiliate marketers the recognition they deserve in generating leads and ultimately, sales. They offer a low commission that simply doesn’t warrant the hard work that affiliate marketers put in.

But luckily, not all companies are like that. 

There are some who understand how affiliate marketing helps to drive their business, to push up their sales figures and perhaps most importantly, help them generate profit, month in and month out.

And that’s what we are going to show you in this blog. We have found the best high ticket affiliate programs out there today and want to share them with you.

These affiliate programs are established income makers and will generate impressive commission when you use them in your affiliate marketing efforts. And they cover a range of big name brands across a wide variety of web portals including travel, finance, web hosting and more. 

So let’s take a look at the best high-ticket affiliate programs that you should consider.

15 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs in 2019

1. High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator

high ticket affiliate accelerator High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator.

The High Ticket Affiliate Accelerator program provides everything you need to get started in affiliate marketing.

Packages include:

A build accelerator which provides the tools you need to build an effective affiliate marketing program.
An elevate accelerator which provides mentorship and training from industry leaders
A turnkey accelerator where we build your affiliate marketing program from start to finish and includes pre-made websites, mail responders, sales funnels and more.
An awaken accelerator which gives full, lifetime access to all the Affiliate Accelerator programs as well as access to some of the best minds in the field of affiliate marketing.

These packages will help you to establish a solid foundation in the world of affiliate marketing, set your business up correctly from the outset, grow your business quickly, increase conversions tenfold, help you provide more than one service to your customers and increase sales funnels.

These programs are designed by affiliate marketing experts such as Joshua Elder, Brian Dickson, Paulo Barraso and Fraser McDonald, all who have proven records in the field.

2. Udemy

High ticket affiliates UdemyFamous for its multitude of online courses, Udemy is a well-known learning portal on the web. And that makes them a decent affiliate program to become part of. Run through Linkshare, Udemy commissions can reach up to around 50% as reported by some affiliates. And don’t worry about the fact that Udemy doesn’t mention commissions anywhere on their website. They do allow for affiliate marketing. Udemy offers excellent marketing material, have a range of discounts and is easy to set up.

3. Blue Host

When it comes to promoting something across a host of different affiliate sites, web hosting is a no-brainer.  And choosing a well-establish web hosting service such a Blue Host means that each referral that turns into a sale nets you $65. That’s an impressive figure considering how many websites need to be hosted. 

Payouts are easy to get by simply using Paypal and Blue Host have a team dedicated to affiliate marketing. Plus, it’s really easy to set up. The only downside is that it takes a month and a half for Blue Host to process payment for each referral sale.

4. Trip Advisor

Travel affiliates are an excellent entry point into affiliate marketing and if you go that route, why not use a massive travel portal like Trip Advisor? With the site covering hotel bookings, restaurant bookings, and reviews, of course, they cover a wide range of travel subjects that generate plenty of traffic. This makes them the perfect affiliate, especially with a 50% offering on a cookie duration of two weeks.

5. LiquidWeb

LiquidWeb targets web businesses for hosting opportunities. Average commissions through LiquidWeb are just over $200 but depending on what you refer, they can range between $100 to around $900. And LiquidWeb’s affiliate program is run through established facilitators such as CJ Affiliates and Impact Radius. Payments can also be converted to web hosting credits if you prefer that over cash.

6. Grammarly

Since its inception in 2008, Grammarly has become the go-to online grammar editing tool. It is used by thousands of people daily, either through the Grammarly website or browser plug-ins. And it has an affiliate program. Run through ShareASale and CJ Affiliates, this program can generate some impressive commissions. 

For example, just by placing a Grammarly banner on your website and write a brief post about them, you can land $25. And then each person that buys a Grammarly premium plan that was referred through your website puts $20 in your bank account. Even those who sign up for free accounts will generate 20c per account. Grammarly produces high conversion rates but commissions are generally lower than other affiliate programs.

7. Villiers

Villiers jets clients all over the globe in total luxury. And travel affiliates linked to the company can make 30% of the profit generated from each of these trips. The big plus, however, is the commission that can be earned on flights booked by your referral. This can reach up to 30% for each flight booked by that referred client. And all of this can be tracked in real time. One downfall, however, is that to make this affiliate program work, you need to target an audience that wants to fly on a private luxury airplane, a limited market for sure.

8. Template Monster

A site that promotes templates for WordPress, Template Monster is an excellent option as an affiliate. With 50,000 templates on offer, commissions on sales of these templates range from 30% to 50%. And templates are available in a number of languages, so Template Monster is a perfect affiliate for foreign language websites as well. 

Templates average out at around $90 so there is plenty of scope here. Plus, refer other affiliates and whatever they earn during their time promoting Template Monster, you will receive 5% of. Payouts are generated through Paypal or Payoneer.

9. StudioPress

Another affiliate linked to WordPress, StudioPress has an affiliate program run by ShareASale. StudioPress themselves offer a range of plugins, themes and other programs for WordPress under the Genesis framework banner. For every Genesis sale, affiliates receive 35% commission of that sale. Or you could run a StudioPress dedicated site and earn $75. And this will rise as more sales are referred to StudioPress. 60-day tracking cookies and tracking links customized to your affiliate means that keeping track of everything is simple.

10. James Allen

Weddings are big business and for any affiliate websites dealing with them, an affiliate partnership with James Allen is a must. As one of the top online portals in their industry, this site deals with anything to do with weddings and has a wide scope of products including some rather expensive items. While a commission of 5% might not look like much, the average sale from James Allen is $6,500 with the company claiming that affiliates earn on average $275 per sale.

11. SemRush

A marketing toolbox aimed at digital marketers, SemRush is extremely popular, especially as it gives them just about everything a digital marketer could ever need for online success. And SemRush offers an affiliate program. 

Called BeRush, for every sale of a SemRush marketing toolbox generated by your affiliate marketing program, you will receive a 40% commission.  That’s not just once! It will happen each time the customer pays his SemRush monthly subscription. And cookie lifespan is an incredible 10 years, so no chance of losing a sale.  Payments are generated through Paypal twice a month but do have a threshold of $50. Wire payouts are also possible but require an amount of $1,000 before they are authorized.

12. Plus500 Affiliate Program Site

Looking for an affiliate in the field of Finance? Plus500 offers the largest finance affiliate program in Europe and pays anything between $200 to $800 for each trader referral that leads to money deposited in their trading program. Another option is the chance to receive between 20% and 30% of the monthly revenue of people that signed up to Plus500 through your referral. 

With some of the best payouts in the finance affiliate niche, Plus500 payments can be made through Paypal. Sadly, traders from the United States cannot use the platform. Therefore to make this affiliate work, you need access to a European audience.

13. Vip Cars affiliate program site

Car rental is huge worldwide and Vip Cars offer the best deals for affiliate marketing. Vip Cars work with some of the top car rental companies on the planet including Avis, Hertz and more. And the rewards are impressive. All referred sales generate 50% to 70% commission. And the best thing is that it doesn’t matter which type of car is rented. So even on the cheapest deal, you will still make an impressive commission. Multiple language opportunities also exist here, so that broadens your earnings base as well. The biggest perk, however, is that this affiliate is linked to some of the biggest rental brands in the world and that means a huge income earnings potential.

14. WPEngine

WP Engine is a WordPress hosting portal that is available in over 100 countries around the globe. Their affiliate program, run through ShareASale enable you to generate $200 per every new customer that is referred to WP Engine through one of your affiliates. You can also refer other affiliates to WP Engine which nets a tidy $50 if they have a customer sign up through their affiliation. And that’s ongoing. But there’s more. If five sales per month are generated through your affiliate, you get even more commission as a bonus. Note, to join up with WP Engine, you must be part of the ShareASale network.

15. iTunes Store

With Apple products having such a huge market share the world over, it makes sense to get involved with affiliate marketing linked to them, right? And what’s a better way to do that than through the iTunes store?

Why? Well, every single purchase a person with an Apple product makes, be it an app, music and even movies or TV series is done through the store. So using affiliate marketing to refer sales of everything from books to movies and music means more money in your pocket. 

Although a commission of 7% might not seem like much, the sheer number of products available means that that sales quickly add up. Note that apps, however, earn a 2.5% commission. And the best thing about this affiliation is that it’s not just linked to the United States, it’s global! Note, however, that Apple only releases payment a full three-months after they have taken place.

So there you have it. These are some of the top performing affiliate programs in 2019. And the best thing about them is they cover a range of businesses and online portals. Build affiliate marketing strategies around these and see the cash come rolling in.

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