How To Make Money Watching Videos

how to make money online watching videos

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How To Make Money Watching Videos

We all do it..

We all do it… 

Any free time you have and your probably sitting on your mobile phone or in front of your laptop watching videos, right? 

Did you know that you can turn your video watching habits into MONEY? 

And in this blog, we are going to show you just what you need to do to get the dollars rolling in. 


What's The Catch?

Well, there isn’t one. Out there on the world wide web, a number of companies will actually PAY you to watch videos. 

How cool is that? 

And it’s so simple really. Most require you to download an app through which to watch the videos and then reward you, either with gift cards or money paid right into a Paypal account. 

Nothing could be simpler!

Here's The EASY Way To Do It..

Well, let’s highlight some of the easiest ways that you can get paid to watch videos online.

1. Swagbucks

The great thing about Swagbucks is that it has such varied content for you to watch. Simply download the Swagbucks app and tuck into a variety of videos about sport, current affairs, travel, entertainment and a range of other themes. 

But that’s not the only way you can make money. Swagbucks also directs you to online surveys and other methods of making money online.  

And then, any cash that you make can be either converted into store gift cards or paid into a Paypal account. It’s that easy. And Swagbucks will even give you $5 for just signing up!

2. Mypoints

Mypoints offers multiple ways to earn dollars, not just watching videos. These include playing games, completing surveys and even by printing out coupons. 

Once you reach a $25 balance, you can simply pay out your money into a Paypal account. Mypoints is accessed through your web browser although if you would prefer to use your mobile, a standalone app, called Mypoints TV is available for download.

3. Perk TV

If earning money watching shorter videos sounds like your thing, then Perk TV is the site for you. With Perk TV, you can earn Perk points which can then be cashed out, donated, converted into gift cards or used to buy merchandise.

And it’s not only watching short videos that will earn you Perk points. You can partake in quizzes, test apps, conduct online searches and even earn then by shopping online. 

But there’s more. You also have the chance to win Perk Tokens which are then used to enter the Perk TV sweepstakes. Here you have a chance to win anything from cash to electronic devices.

4. Netflix

Wait, what? Yes, a bit of Netflix and chill can earn you money. But to be honest, its a little more involved than that. 

From time to time, Netflix post tasks on their jobs board. This mostly involves tagging. What’s that? Well, you know when Netflix suggest something to you? That’s because someone tagged it as related to something else you may have already watched. And you too can make those important decisions! While payment isn’t huge, what’s better than earning money to binge-watch something?

5. FushionCash

Download Fushioncash and sign-up and you will get $5 for nothing! And how does Fushioncash work? It’s again as simple as watching a variety of videos and completing surveys for which you get paid. 

And there are a number of ways to get hold of your cash. This includes receiving a check, having the money paid into a bank account or the Paypal option. Fushioncash can also be accessed through a browser but does require a flash plug-in to work. 

6. Inbox Dollars

Companies are always looking for information from test groups about their products and that’s basically how Inbox Dollars works. You will get paid to watch videos, shop, watch film trailers, partake in surveys and even read test emails. 

Most of the time, you will be asked to provide some form of feedback about the task you completed or the video you just watched. Sign up and Inbox Dollars will  send you $5!

7. Earningstation

Earningstation is very similar to all the other sites mentioned. You will get paid for surveys, spending time watching videos and more. 

The difference between Earningstation and the other services we have mentioned so far is that with Earningstation the points you earn can only be converted into gift cards. That said, it’s for a range of top retails but if you prefer getting cash in your bank or Paypal account, then look elsewhere.

8. Nielsen

Yes, Nielsen, the TV rating people. While this one doesn’t pay a whole lot, just $50 a year, it’s so simple to do. 

Download the Nielsen Computer and Mobile panel app and follow the instructions. By doing so, you will get a regular entry into the Nielsen sweepstakes. This gives you a random chance to win up to $1,000 twelve times a year.

9. Paid2YouTube

If you love surfing Youtube then why not consider Paid2Youtube. By going to the Paid2Youtube site and watching videos, you can earn some easy money. Boost your earning potential by commenting on videos or rating them. Too easy, right? Well, get your friends to sign-up and you can make even more money! Payment can be made into a Paypal account only. 

10. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is a mobile-only app in which you are paid to watch interactive adverts. They can come in many forms and when you interact with them, you could be asked to watch a video about a product or get redirected to a company website, for example. Get your friends to sign-up using a Facebook link and you can expand your earning potential.

11. QuikRewards

More money earning potential for watching videos comes from the website, Quik Rewards. But it’s not only videos that will increase your bank balance. Complete simple online tasks for even more earning potential. 

These include email reading, completing surveys and more. All your earnings an either be paid into a Paypal account, turned into a gift card for certain stores or even be used at restaurants.

12. Creation Rewards

Last but not least is Creation Rewards. Like many of the other sites mentioned, Creation Rewards has numberous ways to earn some cash. Of course, watching videos is one of them but you could even play games, surf the web, do a survey or refer your buddies for an extra bonus. 

Get $5 on signing up and when you need to withdraw your money from the platform, its as simple as redeeming it for a variety of gift cards or using Paypal.

All In All..

So many opportunities exist for you to make cash doing something as simple as watching a video. Use that time that you are online to good effect and watch your bank balance grow.

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